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Rabbit Chow™

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25 lb & 50 lb sizes

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25 lb & 50 lb sizes 

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Rabbit Chow™

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50 lb size

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Rabbit Club of America

Rabbit Club of America logo



There are lots of great reasons to join Purina’s Rabbit Club of America.  You will receive monthly e-newsletters on how to take better care of your rabbits.  We will offer quarterly coupons on your favorite brand of rabbit food.  And, you can earn premiums and show materials for your club or yourself, all while feeling confident you are giving your rabbit the very best nutrition with Purina Rabbit Chow™ Natural AdvantEdge™ products. Natural Advantage Logo (300width)

Membership benefits include:

  • Quarterly coupon offers
  • Access to Ambassador’s Blogs
  • Proof-of-Purchase Premium Program

But the best reason for becoming a member is that you can earn great rabbit related premiums by collecting Proof -of-Purchase seals from ANY Purina Rabbit Chow™ Natural AdvantEdge™ product.  THAT”S RIGHT:  RABBIT CLUB OF AMERICA IS NOW OPEN TO ALL INDIVIDUALS – not just Clubs. 

Here’s How It Works:UPC- Thumb

  1. Clip the Proof of Purchase from the bottom right-hand corner of every bag 
      - 50 lb bags are worth 7 points
      - 25 lb bags are worth 4 points
      - 7 lb bags are worth 2 point
  2. Collect and Save Until You Are Ready to Redeem for a Premium
  3. Download an application and fill out completely
  4. Mail completed application and proof of purchase seals to :

    Rabbit Club of America
    Program Headquarters
    280 Quadrum Drive
    Oklahoma City, OK 73108

All items listed include shipping cost. Do not send cash, personal checks or credit card orders. Land O’Lakes Purina Feed Mills®, LLC and its subsidiaries and affiliates are not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged proof of purchase seals and will not replace or refund.

Rabbit Club of America Premiums

 Hat140 points Prize Hat - Thumb
 Plush Rabbit
140 points Prize Plush Rabbit - Thumb
 Patch70 points Prize Patch - Thumb
 Squeezie Rabbit70 points Prize Squeezie - Thumb
 Purina® Rabbit Chow FREE Bag Coupon84 points Rabbit Chow Complete - Bag Thumb

The prizes and this program are subject to change and may be terminated at any time without notice. 

Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for processing and mailing.  Call Land O’Lakes Purina Feed Customer Service for more information at 1-800-227-8941.  All proof-of-purchase seals submitted to Rabbit Club of America become the property of Land O’Lakes Purina Feed LLC® and will not be returned.